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AX Entries Rolling In!

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When you consider the whole showbiz, glitz and glam of Arenacross, it’s clear that nothing else comes close to it in terms of providing a great-value and weather-proof, evening’s entertainment for the whole family.

However, for our racing heroes, it’s also important to remember that mixed in with the razzle-dazzle, is an intensively-competitive and massively-coveted race series that is equally as crucial to our miniature racers from the age of seven, as it is to our world-class Pros.

The Arenacross promoters strive to bring fresh, new talent to the circuit and are keen to see the youngsters mentored and guided in the right direction, with a view to allowing them to potentially forge a career in the sport they love.

Put simply, the 65cc and Supermini 85 riders are the true heroes of the Tour. These guys are aged between 7-10 years old (yes, they are as little up close as they look on the track!) and 11-15 years old. Riding 65cc or 85cc machines (the clues in the name!), these are our youngest riders but what they might currently lack in height they more than make up for with heart, ferocity and pure passion. At this age, the riders’ parents will more than likely be pouring in all resources possible and spending many a cold, wet and windy weekend in a camper van in the middle of a field. The Arenacross Tour though presents something of a welcome break for them as we take their little ones inside and put them to the test on the exact same track that the Pros are riding – yup that’s right, they’ll be doing battle on the same turf that their idols will later race on, and then come Monday morning they’ll be back at school!

In general, Motocross classes are pretty traditional, however, as we all know, there’s no way that Arenacross would stick to the norm and the Pro-Lites class is a good example of that. We decided to extend the traditional Rookie class and open it up to a wider age range. We saw that there was a gap between riding as a young teenager and then stepping up to ride with the big boys, and so the Pro-Lites was born. Now entering its second year, this sector of AX is already a success story.

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Riders who take part in the Pro-Lites class can be aged anywhere between 15 and 23 and whilst you might think that’s a big old gap, it’s more often than not that the skill level between ages 15 and 23 is pretty similar, particularly when it comes to those who have been racing virtually all their lives. The big change for the Pro-Lites class in 2017 will be that the Arenacross Prize Purse has been opened up to the Pro-Lites and that promises to take an already ultra-competitive class and turn it into one full of dramatic race action.

With only 12 places available in each class of the Tour, the competition has already started to find out whose parents are the quickest at filling out the registration forms. Filled on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis (plus some vetting to ensure capabilities) classes are rapidly filling up already with hordes of riders having been sat ready and waiting to pounce as soon as entries opened. This is great news for, not only Arenacross, but the sport of Motocross in general as we help raise and develop some incredibly impressive talent…the riders you watch at Arenacross could one day be representing their countries at the highest level!

Keep an eye out as we’ll soon be highlighting the ‘ones to watch’ as well as posting up rider profiles so you can check out who you’re going to be cheering for when you witness the fitness that is The Arenacross Tour 2017!

If you would like to enter the series, give the office a call on 08454 750057 however be warned that spaces are filling up super-fast this year!

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