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Gajser About Arnhem SX

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The organizers of the Arnhem Supercross had a small talk with Tim Gajser about the event. Check it out!

OffroadProRacing: Seeing that you will race indoor of a big stadium, what kind of track do you expect?

Tim Gajser: I’m proud to have been chosen for race in the Arnhem Supercross, for me it is the first experience in a so big stadium and it happens in the right moment, seeing that I’ll be prepared as best I can to confront a Supercross race. I know the organizers that manage also the “Internazionali d’Italia” and I’m sure that I’ll find a large track where I can make a big show my CRF450.

OffroadProRacing: You have many fans in Europe, what do you ask at the Dutch fans?

Tim Gajser: Motocross and Supercross movement grew up a lot in Slovenia in the last two years and I feel to have contributed winning two World titles this year and the last year, so I hope that there will be Slovenian supporters but also many fans from all over Europe. Obviously I ask the Dutch fans to be numerous and support me!

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OffroadProRacing: Will you be the king of Arnhem?

Tim Gajser: It’s hard to say, I’ll do my best, as always, then we’ll see what’s happen. I’ll be back from America where I’ll have raced the Monster Cup and I’ll surely get a good terms for comparison for judge some of my rivals. Be the king of Arnhem would be a big honour but the competition’s level will be very high.

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