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Tonus & Simpson – Teamwork

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There is no doubt, when a team works well together, then the riders usually perform. In 2017 the Wilvo Yamaha team have really put together a strong combination of riders. Shaun Simpson and Arnaud Tonus have worked together before, in the British based Steve Dixon Yamaha team of a few years ago, but their chance to once again be team-mates, is something they both look forward to. Arnaud Tonus can’t wait for the chance to work with the Brit, and continue their friendship.

“I think Shaun is the perfect team-mate,” Tonus said. “We rode together in Steve Dixons team, and we worked well together, and we have a great relationship. I think it will be cool. Shaun is open minded, and I hope we spend time together during the winter to help each other get stronger. I am looking forward to having him as a team-mate, but all the crew is looking forward to having us on the team and we already have a good feel with everyone.”

Simpson is really excited for the 2017 to come around, and like Tonus he knows that the rider combination will work well for the team and also for the performance of the two riders.

“Arnaud is a top bloke,” Simpson said. “He is on top of my list of team-mates. He is really easy going, never makes a fuss, never makes a scene. He always tries really hard, he comes from a really solid background, his parents a lovely people also. When he goes out on track he gives 100%. I feel like I am a few years older, so maybe with my experience I can help him with some things and I am sure with his style and technique are some of the best out there and I can learn from him. I am a hard working, but I don’t have the skill set as Arnaud. Arnaud is a much more talented rider than I am. I think we will work really well together and the whole crew is great, we have a really good crew working together.”

As for the set-up of the team, Simpson knows that he will have enough backing to get the results he wants. Louis Vosters who owns the team has been involved with several teams as a sponsor, but now it’s a new team, with new goals.

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“Louis (Vosters) is serious about his motocross,” Simpson said. “He has been heavily involved in motocross and heavily involved in motocross sponsorship for years now. Everyone knows the name and it’s part of his ways. He stood up to the plate and took on the Yamaha team, and he has supported me a lot. I know he wants things to be right and he doesn’t want to throw away money, but he wants to spent it in the right areas. A lot of teams spend it on the team looking nice, and of course Louis wants the team to look professional, but he also wants to invest in the bike, the machinery and the riders. That is important it’s the same concept that Steve Turner had this year and I can’t knock anything Steve did for me. I think this package is a great one and as you said Yamaha are also involved and they have invested into the team. It’s a 20 rounds series and its nice to know we will be 100% ready for it.”

As for Tonus, he knows that it’s not going to be easy coming into the MXGP class, but he is ready to return with the same success he has in the MX2 class, when he often battled Jeffrey Herlings and showed his amazing talents.

“I think it will be about being solid,” Tonus said. “It is really tough competition. I think I can do something good in the MXGP class. I experienced the same in America, with the 250 class, if you get a bad start it was really difficult to come through and back into the top five, and I know it’s a different class, but the top 15 were really fast. I needed to work on being aggressive and making my place. Although I wasn’t 100%, I learnt you are never in a comfort zone and you need to push yourself and always fight for even one position.”

Now the British and Swiss riders will enter into their tough pre-season preparation, knowing that together they can battle the best MXGP riders in the world, and no matter the outcome, the team will be 100% behind them.


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