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Top FMX Brits Fligh High

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For us at AX, the last day of 2016 means just one thing; it’s only one week until the 2017 Arenacross Tour gets underway. We hope you’re as excited as we are at the prospect of seeing the top British FMX’ers in flight at Manchester next Saturday, the 7th of January.

We have no less than five talented Brits putting the finishing touches to their awesome routines in readiness for the 2017 AX opener. We’re talking Jamie ‘Squibby’ Squib – so good, we just had to share him with the American Nitro Circus Tour; Nez Parker – top motocrosser turned top freestyler; and the three former Britain’s got Talent live semi-finalists – the Lings Bolddog crew, namely, Dan Whitby, Samson Eaton and Aaron Powley.

Squibby, who hails from the West Country, has been with AX since day one and has grown into arguably the best FMX athlete in the country. Wild on a bike, but happier building jumps with his digger, the ‘Squibatron’ never ever fails to impress AX audiences with his incredible backflips and crazy tricks.

Lancastrian Nez Parker heads to his home round at Manchester on something of a high, having spent the summer months practising with Squibby, honing his FMX skills and perfecting the backflip. A former top-level British motocross contender, Nez said he turned to FMX as it was safer ….. !

Jamie Nez

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Dan Whitby is the man who jumps in the dark. Massively toned and dedicated to fitness, the master of the LED bike and Captain Morgan jump, Dan is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet but, put him on a bike and he’s as competitive as the next man. He loves almost everything and hates nothing which, given that he has previously broken his neck, is a measure of the way he approaches life.

Comedian Samson Eaton is said to have the biggest Tsunami/Kiss of Death in Europe, whilst his personal fave is the Turndown Whip. We know it when Samson’s in the building as he is one of the funniest guys on Tour. He follows a healthy lifestyle, citing beer, burgers and pizzas as his staple diet, and shying away from vegetables yet, when he gets air-time he’s as lightweight and nimble as a Slimfast snack bar!

Arran ‘Ron’ Powley is the quietest of the bunch but most definitely no less talented. He just loves riding bikes and is relentless in his pursuit of learning new tricks. He wowed the crowd at Sheffield in 2016 when he threw in not one, but two Base Jumps (Cliff Hanger to no-hander-lander) and he went on to perform it in text-bookstyle when Arenacross presented FMX Live, at the NEC recently, in front of tens of thousands of motorcycle fans. He’ll be one to watch when the 2017 Tour gets underway.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we wish you a healthy and happy New Year and look forward to welcoming you to AX 2017!

As the clock ticks down to the midnight hour, there is one thing left to do ….. BUY TICKETS 

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