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Cairoli and Prado fast

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Red Bull KTM Factory riders Antonio Cairoli and Jorge Prado have won the opening MXGP and MX2 races of the 2017 European motocross season. Cairoli with a stunning and very easy victory, ahead of Monster Energy Yamaha rider Jeremy Van Horebeek, and defending MXGP champion Tim Gajser, and Prado over Frenchman rider Benoit Paturel and Alvin Ostlund.

Early on in the MXGP moto it was Cairoli who led, followed by Gajser. Cairoli looked to be pushing hard, while Gajser seemed to be cruising in second place and the Italian was moving away from the Slovenia.

Bobryshev was a comfortable third ahead of Van Horebeek and Febvre, in fact they started catching second placed Gajser. Cairoli though was gone in first place.

It really looked like the Sicilian rider was looking to prove something to his younger rivals. After five minutes the lead by Cairoli was more than five seconds and he was looking in control.

Van Horebeek made his way past Bobryshev and Febvre was all over the back wheel of the Russian rider. Febvre seemed to make a mistake as Bobryshev got away again.

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Amazingly some of the lap times of Cairoli were similar to that of MX2 winner Prado, but his lead over Gajser was extended to seven seconds.

As he always does in the sand Cairoli looks brilliant, bouncing from one bump to the next, fluid and in total control. The rougher the track got, the most he seemed to enjoy it.

For the British riders it was a mixed race, with Max Anstie starting in sixth place and finishing in seventh, as he was passed mid race by veteran Tanel Leok. Shaun Simpson started in ninth, dropped to 13th, then was back to 10th, before dropping to 19th, and finally fighting his way into 12th spot.

Maybe the biggest concern was Gautier Paulin, who started in 10th, got up to ninth, then dropped to 10th, then 12th, then 14th, got back to 13th, then slowly dropped back again, before finishing in 18th place.

Prado really showed good speed in the MX2 race, his best lap being a 1.48.533, compared to Cairoli’s best of 1.48.703. No doubt the track was a lot rougher for the MXGP moto, but still, the young Spanish kid is fast.

Prado completed his 16 laps in 29.48.00, while after 16 laps in the MXGP moto it took 29.52.00.

Red Bull KTM Factory rider, and a rider many see as being the future of the MX2 class, Jorge Prado has won the MX2 moto at the International Italy motocross championship, held in Sardinia today.

The teenager was brilliant, leading the complete race, and only in the closing stages did he have some pressure from Frenchman rider Benoit Paturel.

Prado took the holeshot in the opening moto just ahead of KTM team-mate Pauls Jonass. The two KTM riders kept within a few bikes lengths of each other as Paturel held third place, followed by Bogers.

Prado took a break from second place, although mid race both Jonass and Paturel closed in on the leader. Paturel made his way past Jonass, but Prado had suddenly turned up the heat and moved away from the second placed man.

In the closing stages, Paturel caught right the up to Prado, and in the last lap the Belgian was looking to get close enough to pass, although it was Prado who would win the opening race of the 2017 European season.

Swedish rider Alvin Ostlund was third, followed by Pauls Jonass, Michele Cervellin, Brian Bogers, Davy Pootjes, Samuele Bernardini, Morgan Lesiardo and Brent Van Doninck in 10th place.

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