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Chad Reed: The stadium and the track had zero to my bike, and what we do during the week is where it all happens. In all honesty, you are happy to be here, but I am frustrated, you know. In May I knew what needed changing, and we just sat on our hands in the off-season. Finally, when you suck at the first race, they allow you to do the things you need to, and finally I feel I can ride the dirt bike the way I need to. We are within the window and now we need to chip away and get better.

Honestly, I do (expect to be like this every race). People were high fiving me, like this is the last time, but I don’t work hard put myself on the line to just come and make up the numbers and that is how I felt the few couple of rounds. Like Eli said, you work too hard and you expect to be here. Sometimes you know what you need to do and you feel it, and sometimes it doesn’t make it happen. Sometimes it needs to get worse before it gets better and that is what these last three races have been. It’s been a disaster. I think last week, I think I was decent, but starts were not, and even tonight. I think I can throw down with Eli if I get a good start. We need to work on that.

I don’t know if I would use the word fired-up (because people had already crowned Dungey the 2017 champ after the Roczen crash). I am sad for Roczen to be honest with you, so maybe the complete opposite that what you said. It’s sad we lose a talent like him. We have a long way to go and Kenny make a mistake, that was costly. Ryan has won three titles for a reason. Every year we see the red plate on the 94, but it’s a 17-race series. It’s a shame to lose Kenny this early. When you see, somebody riding at the top of his game, with so much confidence, and in a split second, it’s over. I am sure all of you have seen the pictures he has posted and its sad. I am more worried for Kenny health than Ryan being crowned.

It was frustrating the first three, and the record would be nice (oldest rider to win a main event), but the win record means the most. Being the oldest guy to win a race would be cool and if I keep riding the way I can, then Laroccos record falls (longest run racing at this level). I think Yamaha is better off with me there, helping my team-mate out in a better direction. I hope to continue that relationship at Yamaha.

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