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Eli Tomac – Winner

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Eli Tomac of the Monster Energy Kawasaki team is very much a rider running on momentum. After last weekends main event win, he now wants to continue that form in Oakland this weekend. Also some quotes below.

Eli Tomac: I don’t know, we were on it tonight, and when you are in clean air it makes the race so much easier. Shoot, there was a lot of stuff going in this week, that changed for myself and the team and it turned into a positive. These past three weekends have been embarrassing for myself and as a racer. I feel like I am back to some fighting form.

For me, it’s all about finding a good balance, and going from the fall to Anaheim I, I thought I was in a good spot. You go to the race track and it’s a different story. I’ve been going to the races for a long time now and I thought I was in a good spot, but I was struggling big time. Just made some changes that fit me.

It was embarrassing and I just felt terrible. All you can do is try and get better, and I didn’t believe I was that guy getting 8th place. I don’t know, it probably looks weird that I went from 8th place to first, with the way I was riding, but I found a better balance for myself and made it happen.

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