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Ash Greedy interview

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Ash Greedy has often been labelled the bad boy of AX. We caught up with the jovial Welshman to find out more.

Controversy has usually followed the 26-year-old Welsh lorry driver. He is loved by the fans for his all-out riding style and non-conformist tactics. We chatted with him prior to, and after, his disqualification at Birmingham, in the evening’s Head-to-Head (H2H) when he appeared to shove Keystone Honda’s Alex Snow off the track. He may have looked bad on track, but he was certainly mad later.

AX: How has your AX season been so far?

AG: It’s alright. Got off to a bit of rough start, as I was still getting used to the bike. I switched from a 350 Husky to a 450 Yam this year.

AX: How did you prepare for AX?

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AG: I went out to the States – Florida Area 33 – in December, with my brother Josh, just to get some winter practice in solely for AX. It helped big time as I’m getting to grips with the bike and starting to find my flow again.

AX: Rightly, or wrongly, you’ve been called the AX bad boy. How do you feel about that?

AG: Love it! I think it’s great, I’m not scared to go bar-to-bar with any of the riders out there. At the end of the day, we’re all the same size when on the bike and with our helmets on.

AX: How do you feel about the change of this year’s format?

AG: It’s great for me as, last year, the H2H was only for the top eight riders, and I never made it. So this year, it’s replaced the Last Chance Qualifer (LCQ) and it gives us a real chance to make it through to the Main Event.

AX: Do you have a tactic?

AG: Yeah – all or nothing! Seriously though, it is all about a luck as to where the other rider is going on the track. You try and think about what they are going to do next, and if I think I’m going to struggle to catch them, I just nip up the inside. I think I’ve surprised some of the new boys!

AX: How do you get on with the other riders?

AG: Despite the hype, we do all get on pretty well really. I’ve grown up with Jack Brunell and we’ve always been close and respected each other.

AX R5 2017 Greedy

AX: What do you do outside of AX?

AG: Work! When I leave the arena, I go home and get a bit of sleep but I must be back out in the lorry at 5.30am for my day job. There is no time for anything else. I used to do a bit of jet-skiing for fun but that’s taken a back seat now.

AX: Do you train during the week?

AG: Not a chance. Driving lorries is so boring and the hardest part is staying awake, but it pays the bills. I’m so inactive during the week that it makes the weekends harder – I think that’s why I go out and do what I’ve gotta do.

AX: How has it been with FRO Systems PAR Elite?

AG: It is brilliant to be part of the team. I’ve known Mark (McCann) for a long time and he’s helped me out since day one. He loves the bar bashing so, obviously, I need to deliver!

Greedy enjoyed a change of fortunes at the fifth round of Arenacross last Saturday when his impressive riding on the challenging Belfast AX circuit earnt him (on merit) the right to go through to the Pro class Main Event as the Promoter’s choice. That passage to the final saw him finish ninth in the Main Event, pick up ten points and get a foot on the leader board in 15th overall.

The Welsh Wizard will be in action again over the next two weekends at both Sheffield on Saturday the 11th of February and Wembley on the 18th.

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