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Cedric Soubeyras interview

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In the last few days, we’ve talked with the five most likely championship Pro title contenders; Angelo Pellegrini, Thomas Ramette, Adam Chatfield and Jack Brunell and, ahead of what is anticipated to be a scorcher this evening, we managed to grab ten minutes with the red plate holder; Cedric Soubeyras.

There are, of course, others in the frame such as this morning’s top qualifier Cyrille Coulon, Adrien Escoffier, Florent Richier and Hugo Basaula. Rest assured that, whoever is crowned the 2017 AX Champ; we’ll get to them and bring you the story.

In the meantime, here’s Soub!

AX: How are you feeling ahead of this evening’s final?

CS: I feel strong but in my head I’m thinking that anything can happen when there are double points available. I’m only eight points ahead of my team-mate and friend Angelo but it is better to be eight in front rather eight behind.

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AX: The championship has gone really quickly this year. Do you prefer the single nights, or double-headers?

CS: Prefer double nights because it is the same amount of travelling, etc, for a double-header and less stressful. Racing the weekends makes the week short so if you get two rounds it is more worthwhile. Also, if you make a mistake on the first night, you can make up for it the second day.

AX: You have an eight-point margin over Angelo, but double points could throw it wide open in tonight’s main event. How will you attack the final?

CS: Eight points is nothing, I just need to be strong in the hot lap.

AX: You qualified third. Is that okay for you?

CS: I actually had the best lap time, so I’m happy with that. We made some changes and feedback on lap times shows we made a good choice with changes.

AX: Whereabouts do you like to be on the gate?

CS: Usually, the five best places are on the outside. Here you need to be on the outside for the start.

AX: There is a longer start straight at Wembley, is that good for you?

CS: It makes no difference to me – all starts are the same.

AX: What is your biggest incentive? Winning the championship or taking the prize money?

CS: The championship as I have to make a re-match after last year. I want to win!

AX: What will it mean to you to win the 2017 AX championship?

CS: It will be a fantastic start to the year. I’ve just won the French championship and it would mean everything to win a second important title.

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